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BlackBerry UEM (Unified Endpoint Manager) advances services of Google, Android for Work, Windows 10, and Apple iOS deployments.

Unified Endpoint Manager 12 allows customers to extend their EMM capabilities significantly without the requirement for extra hardware or new additional components deployed within the DMZ.

BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suites (BEMS)

Easily manage users, apps, devices, content, policies and data costs. Mobilise your business content, including documents, business intelligence, customer records and more, simply and securely.



Cross-platform support for iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry 10, Android for Work and Samsung KNOX.
Mobile Device Management (MDM).
Mobile Application Management (MAM).
Secure intranet access and web browsing.
Unlimited devices per user.
Cloud, on-premise, and mixed deployment options.


All BlackBerry Dynamics Suite features.
All-in-one secure email, contacts, calendar, corporate intranet access and web browsing.
Advanced business-class productivity.
Industry leading container to separate corporate and personal information.
Unlimited devices per user.
Cloud, on-premise, and mixed deployment options.


All BlackBerry Secure Management Suite features.
Mobile Content Management (MCM) for documents, business intelligence, customer records and more.
Secure instant messaging.
Secure file share/SharePoint/OneDrive access.
Unlimited licenses to deploy BlackBerry-secured third party ISV apps.
Unlimited devices per user.
Cloud, on-premise, and mixed deployment options.


All BlackBerry Secure Collaboration Suite features.
Unlimited licenses to deploy custom-developed BlackBerry-secured apps.
Enterprise mobile back end as a service (MBaaS) capabilities.
Custom shared services app integration.
Unlimited devices per user.
Cloud, on-premise, and mixed deployment options.


All BlackBerry Secure Mobility Suite features.
Secure Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS).
Embedded digital rights management (DRM) protection.
Controls on access, view, edit, copy, print or forward files.
Document tracking for audit, compliance and business intelligence.
Unlimited devices per user.
Cloud, on-premise and mixed deployment options.

BlackBerry AtHoc networked crisis communication suite

BlackBerry AtHoc provides two-way crisis communication across the entire enterprise from a single point to virtually any device.
Gain instant visibility and real-time updates for complete situational awareness with the ability to communicate should there be a situation.



An emergency notification system unifying all networks and devices to alert everyone that needs to know. Emergency managers can implement two-way communication across the entire enterprise, from a single web-based console or mobile device.



Enables people on the front line of an incident to tell you what’s happening with geo-tagged media reports. Managers can direct resources rapidly to where they are most needed.



Real-time visibility of location and status, during an incident and for post-event reviews. People in the field can also file reports on their location and status when they need urgent assistance, or if they need to notify managers of a change in their situation.



Seamless collaboration in real-time with third-party organisations such as blue-light services, as well as with any other local groups that may be affected by an incident. BlackBerry AtHoc Connect allows a truly co-ordinated and effective response by everyone involved, while helping to mitigate the impact on the wider community.

BlackBerry Workspaces

BlackBerry Workspaces enables you to securely share your files with others, while maintaining full control over who accesses them and how they can work with them. You can store files in BlackBerry Workspaces folders and collaborate with others, or you can send them securely by email to others.

blackberry workspaces


Providing a more complete mobile security solution.

Using smartphones and tablets to access critical business information on the go has many benefits, but it can also expose your sensitive data to risk.

Check Point’s iOS and Android security threat prevention protects your devices from advanced mobile threats, ensuring you can deploy and defend devices with confidence.

blackberry workspaces 

Rubus – the iManage Work connector for Smartphones

Rubus is a native app for Android and BlackBerry 10, with Windows 10 planned for 2017. This would mean your users will have an iManage integration into the native email client, an experience similar, but functionally richer, to that offered on legacy devices by iManage.

Features include 'send and file', file from inbox, search matters, syncing key matters plus others, all integrated on the smartphone.


Taylor Vinters LLP using Rubus


Cross-platform app management and security. With Unified Endpoint Manager, you can manage apps on corporate and BYOD devices through a single console. Including iOS and Android apps.


Dedicated enterprise app storefront

  • Whitelist apps in Google Play for Work, Apple App Store and BlackBerry World
  • Securely provide line of business apps to the smartphone or tablet
  • App containerisation service from Appurity
  • Bespoke app development by Appurity"
  • Push apps out securely to BlackBerry, iOS and Android™ devices

BlackBerry Secure Content Suite

  • Protect the enterprise content
  • Provide document security and compliance
  • App containerisation service from Appurity
  • Bespoke app development by Appurity"
  • Secure connectivity built-in – no VPN required for access to systems behind the firewall

How Appurity can help

Appurity is a BlackBerry Managed Mobility Partner (MMP), accredited in their suite of products. We are advising customers on their mobility strategy with a solution that adheres to any regulation or security guidelines.

Appurity are assisting organisations with their migration from older versions of BES to Unified Endpoint Manager, or other platforms, to Unified Endpoint Manager (BES) and their value-added products. With our understanding of code we can also help businesses with the integration of business critical apps into the BlackBerry solution.

android for work
google play
samsung knox

Contact us

Appurity is the UK’s first BlackBerry Managed Mobility Partner (MMP). Our "Platinum" accreditation means that we're authorised to design and integrate BlackBerry solutions that answer any regulated or BYOD/COPE requirements. To find out more, complete the form below and we will arrange for one of our consultants to demonstrate BlackBerry UEM or set up a trial.


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User Reviews: We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our customers. When you use Appurity, there is no need to worry about customer support. With over 50,000 users and counting, you cannot go wrong with Appurity. Check out what our users are saying about us!

“Great service, great team.”

For us, the key issue was the understanding of the new platform. Appurity's specialists already have a deep knowledge of BlackBerry Enterprise Services 10 and they completed the project with minimal fuss or disruption” - Aaron Donaldson, 3rd Line Support Team Leader for Clyde & Co LLP

We've had excellent feedback on the new BlackBerry platform and the new apps developed by Appurity. It's vital for us that users like working with the technology. It helps them do the best job they can, and allows to them to provide great service to our clients
Farooq Ayub, ICT Network and Security Services Manager
We now have a device and application management solution that will scale with our needs. It's easy to manage, even with a combination of corporate and personally-owned devices. And it's fully compliant with the PSN standard.
Louise Sadler, Project Manager, Surrey County Council
Appurity's deep knowledge of OS10 and BES 10, and their responsive, proactive approach to working with our service provider gave us the confidence that they were the right people for the job.
Steve Sumner, IT Director, Taylor Vinters

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